Handbook on Seismic Retrofit of RCC Building

CPWD Handbook on Seismic Retrofit [PDF]

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After an earthquake, if a building undergoes considerable damage and lost original strength then it needs
proper retrofitting.

Central Public Works Department stipulated guidelines in a handbook of 617 pages in pdf format.

Download PDF of Handbook of seismic retrofit of Buildings by CPWD

The book Comprise the following chapters.

  1. Introduction and Terminology
  2. Introduction to Seismic Analysis and Design
  3. Rapid Visual Screening, Data Collection and Preliminary Evaluation
  4. Condition Assessment of Building
  5. Retrofit of Non-Engineered Buildings
  6. Retrofit of Masonry Buildings
  7. Retrofit of Historical and Heritage Structures
  8. Structural Analysis for Seismic Retrofit
  9. Retrofit of Reinforced Concrete Buildings
  10. Retrofit of Steel Buildings
  11. Mitigation Geotechnical Seismic Hazards
  12. Retrofit of Foundations
  13. Retrofit Using Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites
  14. Base Isolation and Energy Dissipation
  15. Quality Assurance and Control
  16. Retrofit Case Studies

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