Hoover dam situated on Colorado river, America.

Criteria for Selection of Dam Site

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Dams are multipurpose structure. Often dams are very very costly and important structure for the country. Also, construction time of dam and design life are very big. There are many criteria for the selection of dam site, each described below.

  1. Dam should be located at site where depth of river is more and gorge is narrow. This will result in more water storage capacity.
  2. The soil below reservoir created by dam should be reasonably impervious.
  3. As far as the cost is concerned, the dam site should be nearer to the raw material available. If this is not possible than cement factories could be established at near the dam site.
  4. Dam should not disturb the ecology of surrounding environment. This is a major concern if county people are living on income of surrounding ecosystem.
  5. Dam should not be constructed over an active fault line when considering seismic view for dam structure.
  6. The reservoir constructed should not submerge any precious land that has very high value.
  7. Engineers and geologists need to survey for the economical suitability of dam location.

Note: Featured image is of Hoover Dam, located at Colorado River, rising from the Rocky Mountains, in America.

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What are different types of dams?

Earthen Dam, Gravity Dam, Arch Dam are the most popular types of dam.

Hoover Dam is which type of dam?

Hoover dam is an arch dam on Colorado river.

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