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Most Useful Software For Civil Engineers

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Software save time, effort and cost of a project. Even without software, it is not possible to perform analysis of complex structure.

Software adds accuracy and improves speed of either preparing drawing or analysing a structure or scheduling a complex project.

  1. AutoCAD 2020
    AutoCAD finds its application in civil engineering field with purpose of drawing and drafting maps, plans and elevations and working drawings and what not.
    AutoCAD is a costlier product although students can get free licence for AutoCAD. Also, it is worth to note that one needs high configuration laptop or computer as AutoCAD consumes much RAM and CPU.
  2. Revit Architecture
    Revit Architecture is also a product of Autodesk inc. It is a BIM (Building Information modelling) Software. The Revit platform has gained its popularity in civil engineers. Revit offers ease to architect for preparing plans plumbing, electrical and mechanical services.
  3. SAP 2000
    SAP 2000 is a software which uses finite element analysis. Its latest version is SAP (2000) 2015. SAP 2000 is developed by computers and structure inc. America.
  4. etabs
    Etabs is also developed by CSi America and specifically designed to model, analyse and design buildings. Etabs uses finite element analysis.
    Its friendly user interface makes it easy to use. With the help of etabs we can perform linear and nonlinear analysis like P-Delta analysis, Pushover analysis time history analysis and stage construction analysis.
  5. CSi Bridge
    Once again, this one is also from CSi America. Its use is to model and analyse the bridges. You can use it for Suspension bridges, cable stayed bridges, Concrete box girder bridge and others. CSi Bridge is able to analyse the bridge for linear analysis and non linear analysis like stage construction analysis and dynamic earthquake analysis.
  6. STAAD Pro V8i
    STAAD pro V8i is a very popular software from Bently inc. to model, analyse and design buildings. STAAD uses stiffness method for models made only of skeletal elements but it shifts analysis procedure to FEA for plate or surface elements.

    staad pro user interface
    staad pro user interface
  7. Ansys
    At Present, Ansys is the most powerful and popular FEA Software. Actually, it’s a software package which has very versatile use. Along with civil engineering it finds its application in electromagnetic engineering, fluid mechanics and mechanical engineering.
  8. Larsa 4D
    Larsa 4D is a software suite. Larsa is a New York, America based company and offers solution to bridge engineers.
  9. Midas Civil
    Midas Civil is developed by Midasoft company. The software is dedicated to model analyse the bridges efficiently. You can use it for bridges like suspension bridges, cable stay bridges, concrete box girder bridges and truss bridges too.
    If you are a student then Midas also offers a student licence for a limited period.

    Midas civil user interface
    midas civil user interface

  10. Midas GenMidas Gen is a software created for practising civil engineers. You can use it for analysing high buildings or many other complex structures.
  11. Archicad
    Its a building information modelling software developed by Graphisoft company. Archicad can also be used to ascertain estimation of materials.Its rendering is also good but there are some limitations. We can only create elements which has uniform cross section. Besides to this we can not make animation in which things are moving. We could just make walkthrough animation.
    You can get detailed information about archicad here.
  12. Primavera
    Primavera is worth to use if you are in field of construction management. Primavera is developed by Oracle inc.
    You can use Primavera for Plan, Schedule an control the large scale project along with cost management.

    Get more details at

  13. Microsoft Project
    It is used widely for project planning and scheduling. MS Project is an alternative of Primavera from Microsoft for construction management.Get more details at

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