Types of losses of prestress in prestressed concrete

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In pretensioned and post-tensioned prestressed concrete, losses are different.

Losses in case of pretensioned prestressed concrete

  1. Loss due to elastic shorteningSuddenly after applying the prestress to concrete, it undergoes elastic deformation which also simultaneous and equal change in length of prestressing tendon. This leads to loss of prestress.
  2. Loss due to creep of concrete
  3. Loss due to shrinkage of concreteshrinkage is property of concrete which could be defined as a reduction in the volume with time. This leads to loss of prestress in steel.
  4. Loss due to relaxation of steel

In post tensioned prestressed concrete following losses are to be faced

  1. Loss due to anchorage slip
  2. Loss due to elastic shortening of concreteThis loss occurs only if prestressing cables are tensioned successively. If we impart prestressing force simultaneously to all of the cables then this loss can be avoided.
  3. Loss due to creep
  4. Loss due to shrinkage
  5. Loss due to relaxation of steel
  6. Loss due to friction between concrete and prestressing steel

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