IS 3370 2009 PDF Download

Download IS 3370-2009 Part 1/2/3/4 [PDF]

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IS 3370 is an Indian Standard code that details the standards for concrete structure for storage of liquids. You can download IS 3370 part 1/2/3/4 with the following links.

IS 3370-2009 part 1 describes general requirements for the liquid retaining structure.
Download IS 3370 (part 1):2009 [PDF]

IS 3370-2009 part 2 describes standard practice for liquid retaining reinforced concrete structure.
Download IS 3370 (part 2):2009 [PDF]

IS 3370-2009 part 4 gives guidelines for prestressed concrete liquid retaining structures
Download IS 3370 (part 3):1967 [PDF]

IS 3370-2009 part 4 encompasses the design tables.
Download IS 3370 (part 4):1967 [PDF]

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