IRC 112-2011 A code of practice for concrete road bridges

IRC 112-2011 [PDF Download]

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IRC 112-2011 is a code set up by Indian Road Congress. This code is for concrete road bridges.
Following are the contents in IRC 112-2011.

Section 1 – Contents
Section 2 – Introduction
Section 4 – General
Section 5 – Basis of Design
Section 6 – Material Properties and their Design Values
Section 7 – Analysis
Section 8 – Ultimate Limit State of Linear Elements for Bending and Axial Forces
Section 9 – Ultimate Limit State of Two and Three Dimensional Elements for Out of Plane and in Plane Loading Effects
Section 10 – Ultimate Limit State of Shear, Punching Shear, and Torsion
Section 11 – Ultimate Limit State of Induced Deformation
Section 12 – Serviceability Limit State
Section 13 – Prestressing Systems
Section 14 – Durability
Section 15 – Detailing: General Requirements
Section 16 – Detailing Requirements of Structural Members
Section 17 – Ductile Detailing for Seismic Resistance
Section 18 – Materials, Quality Control, and Workmanship

Download IRC 112-2011 PDF
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