Manufacture Sand or M Sand(Its Making Process and Properties)

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Manufacture sand, also popular as M-Sand, is made from grinding granite in factories. It is a cost-effective alternative to river sand. M-Sand has reduced the burden of demand on river sand for the construction industry.

Advantages of M-Sand

  1. As M Sand is manufactured from granite it gives higher strength.
  2. It contains nil organic impurities, so there will not be any necessary for treatment and it could directly be used for batching.
  3. M Sand produces more durable concrete as it offers less permeable concrete.
  4. M Sand is eco-friendly. As M-sand is derived from granite, there will be no need for dredging in the river.
  5. This sand is more economical than river sand hence contributing to the lower cost of the construction project.

Disadvantages of M-Sand

  1. Manufacture Sand has lesser workability as it possesses an angular shape due to grinding, while natural sand is of round grained due to natural gradation.
  2. Manufacture Sand affects considerably to strength of concrete as it comprises a significant amount of microparticles.

Cost of M-Sand in India

In India, price varies from city to city, ranging from 800 INR to 1200 INR per ton.

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