IS 269-1989 is a code for ordinary portland cement 33 grade

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Indian Standards stipulated the code to ordinary portland cement 33 Grade.

You can download PDF IS 269: 1989 with this link
Ordinary Portland cement doesn’t contain any pozzolanic additives.

Physical Requirements Of Ordinary Portland Cement As Per IS 269 1989


When tested by the ‘Le Chatelier’ method and autoclave teat described in IS 4031 (Part 3 ): 1988, unaerated cement shall not have an expansion of more than 10 mm and 0’8 percent, respectively.

Setting Time

Initial setting time in minutes should not be less than 30 and the final setting time in minutes should not be more than 600.


Fineness of ordinary portland cement should not be less than 225 meter2 per kilogram.

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