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Unit Weight of Different Building Materials

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The unit weight of different building materials is essential to know to analyze the structure. Unit weight of most commonly used building materials is given below for the handy reference.

Building Material Unit Weight in kN per Cubic meter otherwise specified
Cement 14.10
Cement Mortar 20.40
Lime Mortar 15.70 to 18
Bricks 16 to 19
Brick Masonry 20
Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC) 25
Plain Cement Concrete 24
Mild steel 78.5
Wood 8.0
Coarse aggregates 16 to 19
AAC (Autoclave aerated concrete) 5.5 to 6.5
Water 10
Plastic 12.5
Copper 79.40
Nickel 89.08
Aluminium 27.1
Graphite 12
Bitumen 10.4
Petrol 7.20
Diesel 7.45
Sand (dry) 15.10 to 15.70
Sand (wet) 17.25 to 19.60
Marble (stone) 26.70
Granite (stone) 25.90 to 27.45

Though this list is not exclusive, it is helpful for the site engineers, architects and as well as diploma or degree engineering students.

One more note to this is that there is Indian Standard IS:875-1987 (Part – 1) that has a much detailed explanation of the unit weight of building materials. You can download IS:875-1987 (Part – 1) here.

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