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Different Types of Windows – Building Construction

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Different types of windows come in different shapes, sizes, and styles, each serving a unique purpose while also contributing to the aesthetics of a space. Windows allow natural light, fresh air, and views of the surroundings to enter our homes.

Casement Windows

These types of windows are hinged at the side and typically opened outward with a crank.
They provide unobstructed views and excellent ventilation. Casement windows are great for contemporary and modern homes.

Sliding Windows

These windows feature one or more horizontal sashes that slide horizontally. Sliding windows are space-efficient and easy to operate, making them suitable for small rooms and modern designs.

sliding windows

Awning Windows

These types of windows are similar to casement windows but hinged at the top. Awning windows allows for ventilation even during light rain, making them ideal for bathrooms and kitchens.

Bay Windows

Bay windows are a combination of three or more windows projecting outward from the wall. These types of windows create an elegant nook with seating or additional storage space.


These are installed in the ceiling to bring natural light into otherwise dark or enclosed spaces. They are perfect for attics, bathrooms, and other areas where traditional windows may not be practical.

Double Hung Windows

These windows are one of the most common window types, featuring two vertically sliding sashes. Double Hung Windows offers excellent ventilation options, as both the top and bottom sashes can be opened. To operate the double-hung windows, a chain or cord consisting metal weights is metal provided which is connected over pulleys.

Double hung windows
double hung windows

Louvered Windows

These types of windows are provided for bathrooms, toilets, and privacy places etc. The louvers may be made of wood, glass or metal.

Conclusion: Choosing the right type of window for home depends on various factors, including the architectural style, room function, energy efficiency, and personal preferences. Consider the purpose of each window in your home and how it can enhance both the functionality and the aesthetics of your living spaces.

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