Indian standard 1343 2012 on prestressed concrete

IS 1343 code 2012 PDF (Prestressed Concrete Code of Practice)

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In the past century, a new form of concrete evolved called prestressed concrete. In prestressed concrete, initial compressive stress is induced in the concrete before actual loading. So, it can withstand tensile stresses in a better way.

IS:1343-2012 comprises the criteria and necessity for prestressed concrete members. It gives the general requirements of details, material, workmanship, and technology.

download is:1343-2012 PDF here

In IS 1343: 2012, the discussion of prestressed concrete is divided into 4 sections.

The section 1 is General section describing symbols used in code and reference, the scope of the code and terminology is given.

The section 2 is on material, workmanship, and inspection and testing.

The section 3 in IS 1343: 2012 is on the design requirements of the prestressed concrete elements.

The section 4, the last one is dedicated to structural design with limit state design theory.

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