STAAD Pro V8i Shortcut Keys

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STAAD Pro V8i shortcut keys help improve productivity and improve performance. We can do our routine tasks in STAAD in a frictionless way. Below is an exclusive list of STAAD Pro shortcut keys used the most frequently.

Create a new STAAD.Pro project file.<Ctrl+N>
Open an existing STAAD.Pro project file.<Ctrl+O>
Save the current project file.<Ctrl+S>
Print the output report.<Ctrl+P>
Quit the program.<Alt+F4>
working with files
ActionShort cut
Undo an action.<Ctrl+Z>
Redo an action<Ctrl+Y>
Cancel an action.<Esc>
Copy a selected element.<Ctrl+C>
Paste an element from the clipboard.<Ctrl+V>
Cut an element (copies the selected element to the clipboard and deletes the selected copy).<Ctrl+X>
Delete a selected element.<Del>
Move selected objects.<F2>
Editing Models
Create a new group from selected entities.<Ctrl+G>
Initiate the analysis and, if used, batch design for the current input file.<Ctrl+F5>
Open the relevant help topic.<F1>
Working with models
Display member specifications (i.e., truss, beta angle, etc.).<Shift+A>
Show axes window.<Ctrl+Shift+A>
Display beam numbers.<Shift+B>
Display the design brief for physical members.<Ctrl+Shift+B>
Display solid element numbers.<Shift+C>
Display dimensions.<Shift+D>
Display the beam ends, color coded for start and end.<Shift+E>
Display the design envelope for physical members.<Ctrl+Shift+E>
Display floor loading.<Shift+F>
Show the diagram information.<Shift+G>
Display the design group for physical members.<Ctrl+Shift+G>
Display the wind load tributary area.<Shift+H>
Show axes at origin. Axes are color-coded: X is blue, Y is red, and Z is green.<Shift+I>
Display the entity reference numbers.<Shift+J>
Display node point labels.<Shift+K>
Display the control-dependent links.<Shift+L>
Display the material label for each entity.<Shift+M>
Display physical member numbers.<Ctrl+Shift+M>
Display node numbers.<Shift+N>
Display the local beam axis (beam orientation). Local axes are color-coded: x is blue, y is red, and z is green.<Shift+O>
Display plate element numbers.<Shift+P>
Display surface element numbers.<Ctrl+Shift+P>
Display member/element releases.<Shift+R>
Display the support node labels.<Shift+S>
Display the local plate element axis (plate orientation).<Shift+T>
Display the local surface element axis (surface orientation).<Ctrl+Shift+T>
Display load values.<Shift+V>
Display wind loads.<Shift+W>
Display member sections.<Shift+X>
Display the floor load distribution.<Shift+Y>
Toggling the display of model lables

View the analytical model (no outline)<Ctrl+0>
View the model in wireframe (outline of members)<Ctrl+1>
View the model filled (members drawn solid)<Ctrl+2>
View the rendered model window<Ctrl+4>
Model Rendering

STAAD Pro V8i is a flagship product from Beneley inc This software package is used for 3D structure analysis and design. We can easily model, analyze and design buildings per different loading conditions.

Rotate model up or down in the view window.Up or Down arrow keys 
Rotate model left or right in the view window.Left or Right arrow keys
Spin mode left or right in the view window.<Ctrl+Left> or <Ctrl+Right>
Close the current active view; except when the active view is the main structure view.<Ctrl+F4>
Open the Orientation dialog, which is used to precisely control the zoom and rotation of the active view window.
Refresh the active view window.<F5>
Tile all view windows, tables, forms, etc. horizontally.<Shift+F4>
Cascade all view windows, tables, forms, etc.<Shift+F5>
Tile all view windows, tables, forms, etc. vertically.<Ctrl+Shift+F4>
Animation in full screen (Postprocessing mode).<F12>
Restore default window layout for the current page.<Ctrl+Tab>
Navigating The View Window

The great thing about this software package is that it has a Design Engine and also incorporates standards of all the major countries.

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