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Classification of Roads in India

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Roads are classified in India on a different basis. The most popular system of classification of roads is as per Nagpur Road Plan.

As per Nagpur Road Plan roads are classified into the following categories

  1. National Highways – NH
    These are the roads that connect the capitals of different states. National Highways are developed and maintained by NHAI – National Highway Authority of India
  2. State Highways – SH
    These roads are connecting the major districts within the state. State highways are the arterial roads of a state. The responsibility of constructing and maintain the State Highways is done by state Public Works Department. (PWD)
  3. Major District Roads – MDR
    These roads are important roads within the district itself and connecting the production units with market places or either a State Highway or a National Highway.
  4. Other District Roads – ODR
    These roads serve the local public along with serving local production unit. Other District Roads are connecting local production units to the marketplace.
  5. Village Roads – VR
    Village roads connect the villages to the nearer higher category of roads.

Modified Road Classification as per the third 20 year road plan

The third 20 year Road plan is also known as Lucknow Road Plan. As per third 20 year road plan roads are classified as

  1. Primary system – This system comprises the National Highways and State Highways
  2. Secondary system – The secondary system consists of two categories of roads.
    • State highways
    • Major District Roads
  3. Tertiary system or rural roads – The tertiary system has two category of roads and consists Other District Road and Village Roads.

Classification Of Urban Roads As Per Lucknow Road Plan

The roads within a city or town are falling in either of the following categories.

  1. Arterial streets
  2. Sub-Arterial Streets
  3. Collector Streets
  4. Local Streets

Expressways In India

The concept of the Expressways in India was first introduced in third 20 year road development plan. At that time, the decision to develop 2000 KM of expressway was taken.

Classification of Roads as per Seasonality

  1. All Weather Roads – These roads are accessible during all the type of weather.
  2. Fair Weather Roads – These types of road become useless during heavy rain. Monsoon season heavily affects the accessibility of fair weather road during rainy days.

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What is the name of first 20 year road plan in India?

The first 20 year road plan is known as Nagpur Road Plan.

What is the name of second 20 year road plan in India?

The second 20 year road plan is known as Bombay Road Plan, for the duration from 1961 to 1981.

What is the name of third 20 year road plan in India?

The third 20 year road plan is popularly known as Lucknow Road Plan.

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