Most Useful Structure Analysis Books

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Structure analysis books are the first step and a good option to acquire knowledge. Here is a list of the 6 most widely recommended books by top universities.
These books are the most useful for students as well as faculties.

  1. Book Title: Illustrated Design Of Reinforced Concrete Buildings
    Author: Dr. V. L. Shah and S. R. Karve
    Publisher: Structures Publications
    ISBN-10: 819037172X
    ISBN-13: 978-8190371728

    illustrated design of reinforced concrete structure is one of the most recommended book by Dr. V L Shah and Karve
    Structure Analysis book useful for students as well as faculties.
  2. Book Title: Theory of structure
    Author: S Ramamrutham and R Narayanan
    Publisher: Dhanpat Rai Publishing Company Ltd.
    ISBN: 9384378100
    ISBN: 9789384378103

    Theory of Structure Book Authored by Ramamrutham is one of the most useful and authoritative book in structure analysis
    Theory Of Structure
  3. Book Title: Mechanics of Structure Vol.1 & Vol.2
    Author: S B Junarkar H J Shah
    Publisher : Charotar Publishing House
    ISBN: 9789380358659

    Mechanics of structure is a must have book for students of structure engineering
    Mechanics Of Structure
  4. Book Title: Theory of structures
    Author: R S Khurmi
    Publisher: S.Chand. Publications.
    ISBN: 9788121905206

    theory of structures by R S Khurmi is one of the best book on structure analysis
    Theory of structures
  5. Book Title: Reinforced concrete Vol.1 and Vol.2
    Author: Dr. H J Shah
    Publisher: Charotar Publishing house
    ISBN: 9789385039478

    reinforced concrete is a book on RCC design by Dr. H J Shah.
    Reinforced concrete structures volume 1
  6. Book Title: Structural Analysis by Pearson
    Publisher: Pearson Education; Ninth edition
    Author: R C Hibbeler
    ISBN-10: 9332586144
    ISBN-13: 978-9332586147

    Structural Analysis book by R C Hibbeler is a prominent book to learn theory of structure
    Structural Analysis

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