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Types of Beams – Civil Engineering

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Beams are horizontal member that essentially carries lateral load and having bending stresses in it. In building structures, the beam supports the load coming from slabs. Types of beams are important to study for a structure designer. In short Beams are flxural member and should be designed for both, Bending Moments and Shear Force.

Types of Beams as per Support Condition

  1. Simply Supported Beams
    The beam having pin supports at both ends and having no intermediate supports is defined as Simply Supported beam.simply supported beam
    Simply Supported Beams are statically determinate structures.
  2. Overhanging Beamsoverhanging beam
    If a beam has some span after supports at both sides, then it is called an overhanging beam.
  3. Continuous Beams
    continuous beamA continuous beam has one or more intermediate supports.
    This type of beam is statically indeterminate.
  4. Fixed Beams
    fixed beamThese types of beams are fixed at both ends. No support is allowed to have deflection. Fixed beams are statically indeterminate structures.
    In reality, all the beams in RCC structures are fixed beam.
  5. Cantilever Beams
    These types of beams are free at one end and fixed at the second one. These types of beams are statically determinate types. cantilever beam
    The beams of the balcony are a good example of cantilever beams.

Types of Beams as per Material Used

  1. Prestressed Concrete Beams
    Precast concrete beams are commonly made up of prestressed concrete. Prestressed Concrete Beams are crack-free beams, as there is no tensile stress in prestressed concrete beams.
  2. RCC Beams
    These types of beams are commonly used in framed RCC structures. RCC beams in structures should be designed as per IS -456-2000
  3. Steel Beams
    Steel Beams are composed of an I section or a T section and made from structural steel. IS 800-2007 gives design criteria for steel beams.

Types of RCC Beams as per Reinforcement

  1. Singly Reinforced Beams
    These types of beams have no compression reinforcement. Singly reinforced beams, though, have temperature reinforcement as anchor bars.
  2. Doubly Reinforced Beams
    In the case of doubly reinforced beams, we provide compression reinforcement also. Doubly reinforced beams have higher resistance to bending.

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