Tips for Writing Thesis for Final Year Dissertation Work

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A project thesis will have much impact on your grades. Following are some tips for better writing of the thesis.

  1. Generally, to get a BE or BTech degree, universities require students to do some research work. It’s better to define your research problem in the very first chapter of your thesis.In academic terms, it is called the research gap. A well define research gap between the work that has been done to date and the work you are going to do is a one-up for your project.
  2. Next thing is about writing the thesis.
    • Make the first letter of each sentence capital.
    • Use your writing grammatical error-free. You can use eve free version of Grammarly.
    • Make alignment justified for writing in your thesis.
    • Do not use multiple fonts in your thesis. It’s better to use only one and if possible, you can use Times New Roman or the font your university has specified.
  3. Wherever possible use images to support your content. Make proper and smart use of flow charts and tables in your report.
  4. You have to know that the Caption of tables should be at top of the table and the caption of images should be at the bottom of the images.
  5. A common mistake students make in their thesis is that they do not divide the content of the thesis into adequate chapters.For every new section, make a new chapter.
  6. The biggest mistake for dissertation or project work.Students plagiarize from the internet or already published books. Never ever do this. Use your own thoughts and make a fresh project report with your own language and research.

Guidelines to print the thesis and project report

If you are going to submit it for the final semester and for a mid-semester exam then print your thesis on GSM-100 paper and if possible Royal bound paper.

All the pages that have color images should be color printed.

As this is your final semester project report, it should be hardbound and not spiral bound.

Tips for Better Presentation on Exam Day

At first, the PowerPoint presentation you made must not have any funky or fancy transition effects. It’s an academic presentation, so be formal.

Avoid common mistakes like not giving slide numbers at the bottom etc.

Be confident while giving your presentation and if possible make some rehearsal before the actual presentation. It will also help you to remove vibrations from your voice.

Dress properly. Avoid funky clothes.

And at the final, All the best to you for your exam from team #civilenggascent

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