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More Than 50 Unique Civil Engineering Project Ideas

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In every university and college, the final year students of engineering have to accomplish a case study or dissertation work also called project work. It is important to choose a unique topic so that you could ensure good marks in the exam.

Below is a list helpful to choose topic of project that matches your skills

  1. A study of soil structure interaction
  2. Ready mix concrete future aspects
  3. Use of Ground granulated blast furnace slag in concrete
  4. Advancements in Lightweight concrete
  5. Technical difficulties in coloured concrete
  6. Design of rigid pavement as a Major district road
  7. Stage construction analysis of G+3 storey building
  8. P-Delta analysis of G+10 storey building
  9. Cost estimation of G+10 storey building
  10. Pushover analysis of G+10 storey building
  11. Comparison of stay profile in Cable stayed bridge
  12. Design of sewage treatment plant
  13. Use of basalt fibre in concrete
  14. Case study on retrofitting of a commercial building
  15. Modern day application of GIS (Geographic Information system)
  16. Improvement of any existing irrigation system
  17. Case study on Bandra-Worly sea link project
  18. Prospects of Green building
  19. Practical aspects of use of Green Concrete
  20. Use of Building Information Modelling for G+5 storey building
  21. Analysis of building resting only on one column
  22. A Detailed study on soil improvement methods
  23. Use of polymer composites for rehabilitation
  24. Case study on Bhuj Earthquake
  25. A Project report on potential of water recharging the ground in your village
  26. Designing and cost estimating of 4 lane National highway
  27. A project report on bamboo as a reinforcing material on concrete
  28. Environmental impact assessment of a cement factory
  29. Measures to overcome climate change
  30. Use of ferro cement as a high-density concrete
  31. A thesis on mitigation of traffic accidents
  32. Environmental impact assessment of textile industry
  33. Corrosion mechanism, preventive and repair measures
  34. Industrial waste management
  35. Solid waste management
  36. Design of water distribution system in your city
  37. Study of construction and financial aspects of rural roads
  38. Development of sustainable and eco-friendly buildings
  39. Design of RCC rigid pavement
  40. A thesis on E-waste disposal
  41. Control of vibrations of earthquake by means of damper in residential building
  42. Seismic analysis of cable stayed bridge in CSi Bridge
  43. Mix design of high performance concrete
  44. Non destructive testing of residential building
  45. Modern equipment to dissipate earthquake energy for high rise buildings
  46. Repair and rehabilitation of earthquake damaged building
  47. A project report on scope of 3D printing in construction technology
  48. Technical and economical aspects of Narmada Dam
  49. Dholera Sir – A case study
  50. A study on rain roof water harvesting system
  51. Study of Issues in constructing flexible pavement on black cotton soil
  52. Earthquake analysis of RCC T-beam girder slab bridge
  53. A study on growing superior crops and optimising use of water in irrigation
  54. A comprehensive study of effect of temperature changes on the fresh concrete
  55. Future of Precast concrete elements
  56. Fibre Reinforced Concrete

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