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What Is RCC? Properties And Uses Of RCC

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RCC is an acronym for Reinforced Cement Concrete. Plain Cement Concrete is weak in tension. While mild steel is stronger in tension and weaker in compression. To overcome this limitation concrete is reinforced with steel bars.
Thus RCC eliminates undesired properties of steel and concrete and forms a material those have desired properties of both say steel and concrete.
RCC has better tensile strength than Plain Cement Concrete. There are numerous Indian Standard codes to design RCC. Few are IS 456:2000, SP-16, and others.

Properties of RCC

RCC elements of building construction could be made in any desired shape.

To prepare RCC, there is no need for highly skilled labor.

RCC is a fire and weather-resistant material.

RCC is an economical option for construction over steel structures.

One exciting thing about RCC is that We are using mild steel as reinforcement because both mild steel and concrete have the same coefficient of thermal expansion. Steel has 1.2*105 per degree centigrade and concrete 1.1*105 per degree centigrade.
This leads to lower or negligible thermal stresses.

RCC has better resistance to bending stresses than PCC. This makes it suitable for beams and slabs in which there is greater amount of bending stress.

RCC is new material for construction that offers better tensile strength than PCC.
RCC framed building

Uses of RCC in Building

In a framed structure, RCC is used for foundation design, raft slab, staircase, columns, beams, slabs, and almost everything that carries a load is made up of RCC.

Types of reinforcements used in RCC

  1. Mild Steel – Mild steel bars have excellent ductility and they are prepared from the rolling process.
  2. TMT – Thermo Mechanically Treated Bars: Compared to mile steel bars, TMT bars are more corrosion resistant. They come in different grades in India like Fe250, Fe 415, Fe500, and Fe500d. Here Fe refers to ferrous metal and the figure after Fe represents the minimum yield strength of steel in MPa. Also, Fe500d is more flexible than Fe500.
  3. CTD – Cold Twisted Deformed Bars

What is Distribution steel

Distribution steel is provided to prevent cracking in the RCC member. It is also known as Temperature Reinforcement.

In case of one way slab distribution steel is provided along longer sides.

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Top Reabar making companies in India

  1. Tata Tiscon
  2. SAIL – Steel Authority of India Limited
  3. JSW Steel Rebars
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What is the full form of HYSD bars?

HYSD stands for High Yield Strength Deformed Bars.

Why do we use only steel as reinforcement and no other metal?

Steel and concrete have the same co-efficient of thermal expansion. That makes steel the most suitable for reinforcement.

What is the full form of PCC?

PCC means Plain Cement Concrete.

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