IS 12269 2013 is an IS code specifies packing, chemical content, testing and sampling of 53 grade ordinary portland cement.

IS 12269 : 2013 PDF Download (OPC 53 Grade)

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IS 12269:2013 code for Ordinary Portland Cement 53 grade is stipulated by the Bureau of Indian Standards.

Download IS 12269 – 2013 PDF here

Specification For Packing Of The Cement

The net quantity of cement per bag should be 50kg.
Bags shall be in good condition at the time of inspection.
The packing of the cement could be done either in jute sacking bags conforming to IS 2580 or jute synthetic union bags conforming to IS 12174.
The net quantity of cement per bag may also be 25 kg, 10 kg, 5 kg, 2 kg, or 1 kg.

Marking On The Cement Bag For The 53 Grade Cement As Per IS Code

Each bag of cement shall be legibly and indelibly marked with the following:
a) Manufacturer’s name and his registered trademark;
b) The words ‘Ordinary Portland Cement, 53 Grade’ or ‘Ordinary Portland Cement, 53-S Grade’, whichever is applicable;
c) Net quantity, in kg;
d) The words ‘Use no Hooks’;
e) Batch/control unit number in terms of the week, month and year of packing;
f) Address of the manufacturer; and
g) Type and percentage of performance improver(s) added, in case of addition of performance improvers.

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