Safety measures on construction site

Safety Measures On Construction Site

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A construction site should be safe enough for laborers and workers to carry on work. Enough safety measures on construction sites should be taken to prevent any accidents.
Accidents may lead to the loss of lives of laborers or may lead to permanent injury to the laborers. This must be avoided by taking suitable safety measures.

Common Safety Measures At Construction Site

First aid kits must be kept handy on construction sites.

Underaged children must not be allowed to work on construction sites.

Live electric wires must not be kept naked and must be protected from dampness. There must be a warning sign board near any high-voltage area.

All the electric equipment at the site should be properly earthed. Any of the equipment must not overuse.

Adequate numbers of circuit breakers should be used.

Fire extinguishers are kept handy on construction sites.

Proper sanitary requirements should be provided at the construction site.

Safe and pure drinking water should be available for the workers.

While operating any machine, workers should ensure a safety checklist. Machines must work smoothly and properly. All the dangerous parts of the machine are to be inspected on a routine basis and guards should be checked.

Workers and laborers must not be allowed to work after or while drinking. Drinking must be prohibited on construction sites.

Rubber boots are to be used by every laborer and worker involved in concrete casting work. Rubber boots must be used while working with bitumen or asphalt, too. Rubber boots are also called gumboots at some places.

Workers should be equipped with proper tools and equipment for any particular task. Helmets should be available for everyone who is on-site.

Use of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) kits

There are two things when considering PPE kits.

  1. Minimum PPE
    This includes safety glasses, helmets, and safety belts.
  2. Additional PPE
    This may include hearing protection and respiratory protection.

Safety Measures at excavation work

The Excavated pit should be protected by retroreflective tape.
The excavated pit should be illuminated enough at night time that anyone can be vigilant while driving near the excavation site.

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