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Top 10 Most Useful Civil Engineering Blogs In UK

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Blogs and YouTube channels are great and handy resource to learn for both students as well as professionals. Here is a list of top 10 most useful civil engineering blogs in UK.

  1. The Civil Engineer Blog
    This blog covers from latest news on civil engineering to academic articles. This blog is one of the most popular blog in UK on civil engineering.
  2. Civil Engineering Discoveries
    This blog has thousands of posts on architecture and civil engineering. This blog has more than 10 Million Facebook followers and more than 1.8 Million Instagram followers.
    This blog is very popular in the field of civil engineering.
  3. Civil Engineering Portal
    This blog is a great resource to lean building construction, surveying, and steel structures.
    Civil Engineering Portal has many research papers published by numerous authors.
  4. The CBRD (The Roads of Great Britain) Blog
    The blog on roads and highways is a great resource and most popular blog in UK. This blog contains public domain information.
  5. Institution of Civil Engineers Blog
    ICE is 200 years old organization promoting profession civil engineering. ICE provides apprenticeship and membership for civil engineers in UK.
  6. NCE (New Civil Engineer) Blog
    NewCivilEngineer is a great place to stay updated with the latest civil engineering news.

This list is useful to students who are preparing for exams as well as to working professionals.

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