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What is Camber of the Road? Types and Benefits

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Camber is defined as “transverse slope provided on road for proper drainage of surface water”
Sometimes camber is also referred to as the cross slope of the road.

Benefits of Providing Camber

  • Camber is a must for surface drainage. It is the main component that prevents water logging on the road.
  • Camber increases the stability of the sub-base by providing proper drainage.

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Types of Camber Provided on Road

Sloped or Straight Camber

This type of camber consists of two straight slopes from edges meeting at the center of road cross-section. They are easy to construct and maintain.

sloped or straight line camber

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Parabolic Camber

This one is also known as barrel camber. It provides zero slope at the center of the road and maximum slope at the edges. This type of camber consists parabolic or elliptic curve.
Parabolic cambers are most suited for urban roads and fast-moving vehicles.

parabolic camber provided on road surface for drainage purpose.

Composite camber

This is a combination of parabolic and straight camber. It includes two straight slopes from each of the edges of the road along with a parabolic camber at the center.

Composite Camber

Recommended values of camber as per IRC standard

Sr No.Type of Road SurfaceHeavy Rain FallLow Rain Fall
1.Cement Concrete and thick bituminous surface1 in 50 or 2.0%1 in 60 or 1.0%
2.Thin Bituminous surface1 in 40 or 2.5%1 in 50 or 2.0%
3.Water Bound Macadam and gravel pavement1 in 33 or 3.0%1 in 40 or 2.5%
4.Earth Road1 in 25 or 4.0%1 in 33 or 3.0%
Indian Road Congress Recommended values of camber

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What does it mean by Camber of a Road?

Camber is transverse slope provided on surface for proper drainage of pavement.

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