Types of Traffic Signs in India

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Traffic signs are an excellent traffic control device. There are different types of traffic signs, namely mandatory signs, warning signs, and informatory signs. Other two signs are Give Way sign and Stop sign.
These different types of traffic signs are explained with their details below.

Regulatory Signs

Regulatory and mandatory types of traffic signs

These types of signs are also called mandatory signs. Not following these signs is an offence and is punishable.
The sign for no entry, sign of stop and give way, right turn prohibited, left turn prohibited, parking sign, speed limit sign falls into this category.
The color scheme for regulatory signs are they have black legends in white background and red border. They are circular in shape. The size of regulatory sign should be 60 cm and the sign must be at 2.8 m distance from the ground.

Warning Signs

This are also called cautionary signs to warn driver about impending condition of road ahead. Signs of narrow road ahead, right turn ahead, left turn ahead, U pin curve ahead, Speed breaker ahead, Men at work, traffic signal ahead, and all other similar signs fall under this category.

Warning Signs for Traffic Management
The color convention of this type of traffic sign is that they are black in color, white background and red color border.

Size of Stop and Give Way Signs

The stop sign has shape of an octagon and size of 90 cm. The stop sign is red in color with a white border.
The Give Way sign has shape of an inverted Triangle and size of 90 cm. The give way sign is in white color with red border.
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What is the size and shape of Regulatory Signs in India?

The size of Regulatory Signs is 60 cm with an inverted triangular shape.

What is the size, shape, and color of Give Way sign?

The Give Way size is 90 cm in size with having an inverted triangular shape and is white in color with a red border.

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