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Paints are necessary to prevent wall plaster from fungus and dampness. Paints also give an aesthetic look to buildings. Here the top 10 Indian Paint companies are listed.

  1. Asian Paints

    Asian paints logoAsian Paints is one of the most famous paint brands in India. Asian Paints manufactures interior and exterior paints for home, oil paints for furniture, waterproofing solutions, wood color, tile adhesives, and other numbers of products. Asian Paints also makes premium quality wall putty. Asian paints is making lead free paints that do not harm health.
    Asian Paints was established by 4 friends in 1992 and at present the most valuable paint brand in India. Asian Paints takes first place in this list.

  2. Berger Paints

    Berger Paints is also a renowned name in paint industry. Mr. Lewis Berger has established Berger Paints in 1923. Berger paints logoBerger Paints has a huge market share in India in Paint Industry. Berger Paints manufactures home interior and exterior paints, glass paints, wood paints and a lot more products from Berger.

    Berger claims second place in this list.

  3. Nippon Paints

    Nippon Paints is a Japanese company established in 1881 by 2 brothers.Nippon Paints Nippon Paints has its presence in Indian market for around 12 years. Nippon Paints is well known for its quality.
    Nippon Paints placed at 3rd rank in this list.

  4. Dulux (Akzo Nobel Paints India)

    Dulux Paints is at 4th place in this list.Dulux India
    Dulux Paints has a wide range of products from industrial usage to home applications. Dulux claims that their products have zero VOC (Volatile Organic Content.).
    Besides making ;paints Dulux also manufactures primers for cement surfaces.

  5. Kansai Nerolac Paints

    Kansai  Nerolac PaintsThe Nerolac Paints company was founded in the year 1920 in Mumbai. The parent company of Nerolac Paints was founded by Mr. Katsujiro Iwai in Japan.
    Nerolac Paints is India’s biggest industrial paint manufacturer. They mainly manufacture powder coatings and paints applied to vehicles and electrical products.

  6. Indigo Paints

    Indigo Paints was established by Mr. Hemant Jain in 2000 in Pune.Indigo Paints Indigo claims 6th place in this list. Indigo Paints started business operations by manufacturing lower-end cement paints, but with gradual innovations, it started making water-based paint products.

  7. Shalimar Paints Ltd.

    Shalimar Paints takes 7th place on this list. Shalimar Paints is a listed company and in paints business since1902.Shalimar Paints
    Shalimar Paints was established by British businessman A N Turner and A.C. Wright. The first manufacturing plant of Shalimar Paints was at Howrah, (currently located in West Bengal)
    Shalimar Paint manufactures several products like emulsions, distemper, primer, putty, varnish, etc.

  8. Sirca Paints Ltd.

    Sirca Paints Ltd. Stands in the 8th position on this list.Sirca Paints Logo It was established in 2006 in New Delhi with the name ‘Sircolour wood coatings Pvt. Ltd.’, later on, the name changed to Sirca paints limited.
    Sirca Paints has products like emulsion, putty, wood primers, textile finishes, wood coatings, metal coatings, and exterior and interior wall paints.

  9. Sheenlac Paints

    Sheenlac Paints is at 9th place in this list.Sheenlac Paints was established by Mr. John Peter in 1962.Sheenlac Paints Logo

  10. Sheenlac Paints have 4 manufacturing units in the country. Sheenlac Paints was the first company to introduce non-alcoholic wood polish and sanding sealer.

  11. Snowcem Paints Ltd.

    Snowcem Paints is at 10th place in this list. Snowcem Paints LogoSnowcem Paints is recently acquired by The Mehta Group’s Saurashtra Cement Ltd. Snowcem Paits offers paint products for interior, exterior as well as cement paints.

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